Pasco Country – Computer Literacy Initiatives In Pasco Schools

The Pasco County Schools, in partnership with the Tampa Bay area and workforce councils, has developed an innovative Online Learning program. The Academy empowers current and potential high school students with the knowledge and skills needed for the 21st century economy.

As part of the state recognized Orange County Teachers Association (OCTA), the Academy is open to all Pasco County High School students as well as out-of-state students attending an accredited high school in the state.

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Students who successfully complete the course are awarded a diploma for their efforts.

The County and Academy partners with various companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix, Sun Microsystems and others to deliver the maximum benefit to students participating in the program.

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This innovative online program is a valuable tool for Pasco County High School students preparing for career preparation or growth within the business realm. Pasco County’s business depends on the services provided by local, national and international businesses.

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The County’s ability to attract and retain skilled workers is crucial to the future success of our communities and businesses, and the Online Learning Academy addresses the needs of all prospective students.

As the County’s Human Resources Department seeks to develop even more highly qualified, motivated and professionally competent employees, our country-wide shortage of teacher talent is becoming a critical concern.

Online Learning Academy Programs

The Online Learning Academy program aligns the teaching curriculum with the prerequisites of the State National Diploma for teachers (SNDT) Online examination. Currently, there are approximately 1.5 million vacancies for teachers in public elementary schools in the United States.

The County’s high school students will have a far greater selection of qualified teachers with the completion of this distance learning course.

In addition, the County is implementing a new system that will allow high school teachers to take the exam immediately after graduating from high school.

The goal of the County’s Online Learning Academy is to bring together outstanding high school students from all over the world. The County’s high school students have an opportunity to choose one of several elective courses approved by the county, including computer science, communication, English, math, science, and social studies.

Students can register for free. The cost is minimal. As long as a student maintains a passing grade average throughout the entire course, he or she will be allowed to keep the credits they earn toward their degree.

The County is also committed to providing assistance to any Pasco County staff who wish to implement distance learning into their classroom.

The County has also established a new teacher academy to help improve our country’s education system.

The county’s new teacher academy will provide high quality teachers to our community, as well as helping our students develop professional skills and prepare for a new career.

Our nation’s public school system is in need of qualified teachers in every subject, but most schools lack the resources to offer an effective program for preparing today’s students.

Many students have a hard time receiving help from a teacher who does not speak the same language as them or understand the culture that surrounds them.

For these reasons, the County’s Online Learning Academy was designed to address the deficiencies that exist in our nation’s public education system. Its a kind of Eschool education.

We have seen that the best way to provide our students with a rich educational experience is to provide them with hands-on training in the classroom. That is why the County has invested in the creation of a new digital innovation center.

This center will encourage innovative thinking and provide a space where our gifted and talented students can explore the latest technology.

The goal is to provide the latest in digital innovation in order to raise our Nation’s grade point averages.

Technology is the key to teaching. In the past, our schools relied on teachers who possessed specialized knowledge about technology. Today’s students want to be able to use computers and use it to participate in activities that engage them at the elementary level.

That is why our County school district has developed a computer literacy initiative that requires our teachers to take the initiative and incorporate technology into their classes.

Students who are encouraged and capable to use computers are going to be well adjusted in the classroom and are more likely to succeed academically.

The goal of the computer literacy initiative is for all Pasco County lecturers to be fully equipped to use technology in the classroom.

It is also to ensure that Pasco County professors remain highly skilled and productive, regardless of whether they are teaching in private schools, parochial schools, grade schools or the county school district.

Computer literacy promotes critical thinking skills, self-directed learning, independent thought and innovation. In this way, the initiative builds upon the success of our other school initiatives and positions Pasco County teachers well on the road to success.