MyPascoConnect is an Online Portal. It was developed by Pasco County Schools which lets users access various educational tools like cloud files, directory shares, & study materials within real-time. This can help the Parents, and Teachers as well to keep track of their children’s progress.

MyPascoConnect Login procedure

Log into Account by following these steps.

  • Click here or Enter in any web browser.
  • Next, enter your Username and Password.
Primary goals of MyPascoConnect have been reinforce parent involvement and create a way towards the student's learning while at home.
  • After submitting Login details, click on “Sign in“.
  • When you Sign in to Portal Account for the first time, you will be prompted to confirm your Password again by typing twice. This will be asked only for the first time.
  • On successful validation, you will be Logged In.
  • Just make sure Portal is used by your Schools.

MyPascoConnect parent Access

Even parents can access to keep their Children’s academic progress, keep in touch with the Teachers, know about the Extracurricular Activities, Assessment times, and School events. Below are the exclusive Account login instructions for accessing Parent account.

  • Visit here or Type
  • To your left, you will find some of the below these options.
    • Pay Fees
    • Calendar
    • Volunteers
    • Check Grades / Attendance
    • Data Dashboards
  • Click on the “Check Grades / Attendance” button which will redirect to Login portal.
Primary goals of MyPascoConnect have been reinforce parent involvement and create a way towards the student's learning while at home.
  • Then, enter your Username and Password.
  • Finally, press “Login“.

Register procedure

Registration is must for everyone to become a Account holder. Now, simply observe Register procedure.

  • Visit the Main site.
  • Select your role from below options.
    • Parent
    • Student
    • Teacher
  • Then, you are asked for some information.
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email address
    • Create Password
    • Retype your Password
  • For verification, solve the Captcha and click “Submit“.
  • Once after completing Registration, You are further asked to select:
    • I would like to Add a Child who is already enrolled. (Select)
    • I would like to APPLY FOR ENROLLMENT for a new Child.
    • I am FINISHED adding students. Please take me to the Portal.
  • Next, enter Student information like:
    • Student ID
    • Student’s Birth date
    • Pin
  • Further, click “Add Student“.
  • Finally, you have completed Registration / Sign-Up.

Features present Inside MyPascoConnect

Now that you know Log-In process, see MyPascoConnect panel overview. These applications can be accessed via Launchpad after Logging into official MyPascoConnect portal.

Office 365:

Its a tool by Microsoft. It includes popular tools like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and etc. This helps the Parents, Students and Teachers to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, taking notes, sending emails, scheduling classes and more – all of which are very essential in learning.


Pasco branded applications are usually prefixed with ‘My’. One of them is the MyLearning application. Through this application, a student can look at the different subjects, classes, courses, respective study materials, and others that are available on the website.


PGS stands for Professional Growth System which is an evaluation system for Teachers used in Classrooms. It is a system where feedback from the students is received about their teachers. This helps the Teachers and Parents to improve their teaching that in turn improve student’s learning. MyPGS is an application module within My Pasco Connect app and as the name suggests, is used to take Feedback from the Pasco County students.


Knowing a student’s learning progress is important. This is where the MyProgress application comes in. After being logged in, a student can check his or her progress of study sessions, assessments and other performances. This can also help the Parents and Teachers and Children’s to make better decisions regarding their future courses.

Munis Self Service:

Its an application that allows employees to access personal and payroll information. Details like phone number, email, address, emergency contact information can be accessed via application. Like others, Its not a Pasco’s application.


CareHere is another non-Pasco application that is more than ever useful during the pandemic. It is a medical services and health care application. CareHere application can be used to schedule appointments with medical professionals, know about the patient’s medical history, track the reports, read healthcare tips, and many more.


SchoolPace is an application by the American Reading Company. It is another web-based application that can be used to allow student’s achievement, growth and performance in real-time. Reports like District dashboards, School Dashboards, Classroom Dashboards, Growth Analysis,  Performance Target Analysis, Score Analysis and many more can be accessed through this application.

MyStudent Training:

Another application by Pasco, MyStudent serves as the student information system. This application also referred to as Focus, stores all the necessary information on the student like name, date of birth, contact address, contact numbers, emergency details like blood group etc. If there is any information to be updated, School Students can do it using this application.

List of Pasco County Schools

Here is the list of the Pasco County Schools and Private Schools.

Elementary SchoolsMiddle SchoolsHigh SchoolsCharter Schools
Achieve Center at RicheyAchieve Center of PascoAchieve Center of PascoAcademy at the Farm (Grades K-8)
AncloteBayonetAncloteAthenian Academy of Technology and The Arts (K-8)
BexleyCentennialCypress CreekClassical Preparatory Charter School (Grades K-12)
CalusaCharles S. RusheFivay HighCountryside Montessori Charter School (Grades 1-8)
CentennialChascoHarry Schwettman Ed CenterDayspring Academy (Elementary Campus, Grades K-5)
ChascoCrews LakeHudsonDayspring Academy (Secondary Campus – Grades 6-12)
Chester W. TaylorCypress CreekJ. W. MitchellImagine Charter School of Land O’ Lakes (Grades K-8)
ConnertonGulfJames Irvin Ed CenterInnovation Preparatory Academy (K- 6)
Cotee RiverHudsonLand O’ LakesLearning Lodge Academy (Grades K-7)
CypressJohn LongRiver RidgePepin Academies, Pasco (Grades 3-12)
Deer ParkPaul R. SmithSunlakePinecrest Academy Wesley Chapel (K-6)
Denham OaksPine ViewWendell Krinn TechnicalPlato Academy Trinity Charter School (K-6)
Double BranchR. B. StewartWesley ChapelUnion Park Charter Academy (K-7)
Fox HollowRiver RidgeWiregrass Ranch
Gulf HighlandsSeven SpringsZephyrhills
Gulf TraceStarkey Ranch K-8
GulfsideThomas E. Weightman
James M. Marlowe
Lake Myrtle
Mary Giella
Mittye P. Locke
Moon Lake
New River
Pasco eSchool
Pine View
Quail Hollow
Rodney B. Cox
San Antonio
Sand Pine
Sanders Memorial
Seven Oaks
Seven Springs
Shady Hills
Starkey Ranch K-8
Trinity Oaks
Wesley Chapel
West Zephyrhills

About Pasco County School’s

Pasco County Schools is a school district that was established in the year 1887. Headquartered at Land o’ Lakes, this school district serves Pasco County, Florida in the U.S.

Pasco County School’s consists of 49 Elementary School’s, 15 middle schools, 14 High School’s, 3 educational centres, 1 eSchool and 6 charter schools. 

Primary goals of MyPascoConnect have been reinforce parent involvement and create a way towards the student's learning while at home.

With so many schools in the district, it was very necessary to come up with a parent Portal especially to help and make the learning smooth in Education.

Primary goals of MyPascoConnect have been reinforce parent involvement and create a way towards the student’s learning while at home.

This is when My Pasco Connect was started. This is a model that can be implemented by other school districts, universities, institutions, and more.


  1. Primary goals of MyPascoConnect have been reinforce parent involvement and create a way towards the student’s learning while at home.

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